Fracking wells and Windturbines in Germany

I’ve had a short conversation on the Greenpeace site about Fracking. Here is my latest comment which deserves a place of it’s own on this blog as its a full comprehensive rant and highlights my views about fracking and climate change. Its a reply so please visit the site and see the full conversation if you want to understand why I’ve listed the points below.

Pollution of water is irreversible. Drain, filter, the water. If the bad stuff is in the soil, remove the soil. Or stop the polluted water getting into the drinking system. All possible and already being done.

Millions of gallons. Yep, the same amount as used in a few leisure center pools. More is wasted in leaks every day than would be used by all the fracking wells in the country. Millions sounds scary, but a million gallons is the amount used not necessarily the actual amount of water. What do I mean by that? I mean that the water is recycled, it’s not pumped through and then drained away. A lot of the water does stay in the well, but you’re complaining about water in the UK? You do know how wet it gets!

Gas prices. Same thing will lower prices here in the UK. For the same reason. Gas is not easily transported. It can be compressed into LNG and shipped but that’s expensive compared to piping it. We have the pipeline infrastructure to pipe it around the country. And I thought Greenpeace was all about local energy. Our own gas will mean less shipping in of LNG into Milford Haven Port.

Tremors. I will say again, the tremors are very small. More damage to houses comes from trucks and heavy trains than from fracking every could. Sure, a few houses claim to have cracks from Cuadrilla’s drilling and there might be a case for some of them. But the amount of damage caused is infinitesimally small compared to damage from all other causes.

Industrialisation. Whilst a well is being drilled, there is a lot of activity but when finished and for the next few decades as the gas comes out of the fracked well there is little sign, just a small “christmas tree”. So the “industrialisation” that you complain about lasts a few months at most, then nothing for years. There is more industrialisation from industrial estates than from fracking wells. A classic case being that of the next site that you want to stop, that of Barton. I’ve been there, I know it well. It next to the motorway, next to the airport, next to a large industrial factory, near to huge amount of industrial factories. Noise, pollution, industrialisation arguments will just not work with that site. That’s why you pick on pretty sites like Balcombe.

I see any sensible human as recognising that we live in a modern world. Our world is built on energy. We got here because of our energy use. The more we have the better we live. We aren’t in the middle ages anymore – though that’s what you seem to want from the impression I get from your campaigns. I would love to see a more nuclear power stations and more efficient use of hydrocarbon energy, but no way will I want to live in a country powered only by wind and solar. Remember the 70s power cuts – that’s what a reliance on wind and solar would provide. Not unless you cut the population of the UK down by half or more – like David Attenborough’s wish.

As for climate change. Yes its happening. The climate changes all the time. How much is man made? I don’t know. It could be all, it could be a tiny amount. But how do we solve this problem. Do we throw our hands up in the air and start screaming for everyone to stop burning gas and oil and switch to solar and wind – at great cost both financially and in human terms. Or do we stop and think and look at what problems could be caused and work our way round them. We also stop and see if there are any benefits. In other words we do a proper cost benefit analysis. So rather than throwing money at NGOs like Greenpeace and just about any other organisation who seem to use it to hype up the scare stories even more I would prefer the money to actually be spent on stuff like removing housing from flood plains, building nuclear, designing products that make more efficient use of energy. Stuff like the iPhone is more efficient in power use than the first mobile phone. Stop sucking the money from taxpayers and paid out by governments and let people spend their own money. People are a lot better at looking after their own money than someone else’s which is what the staff in government do.

The image is of 11 fracking wells in Germany surrounded by the blight on the landscape of dozens of windturbines.


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Nuclear train derailed!

September 16, 2013 · 2 comments

Movie poster for "Atomic Train"OMG, a train carrying nuclear flasks has derailed near Barrow-In-Furness!

Calm down Calm down. The train was only going 5mph. And the flasks were empty. And no one was injured. And no nuclear material was exposed to the hazardous public.

This hasn’t stopped the local MP, John Woodcock, from going ballistic in outrage (the bus is over there by the way John). He says

Whether full or empty, high level waste flasks are designed to withstand incredibly high levels of force but it is obviously completely unacceptable that this derailment has occurred.

I am concerned for all those involved but also angry on behalf of my constituents who have taken a very measured approach to nuclear waste material being transported through Furness.

They need to know that safety remains paramount: a thorough and transparent investigation must begin immediately to establish the cause of this accident and prevent a re-occurrence.

This fixation on the word “nuclear” about this train incident stops the proper analysis of the accident. What caused the train to derail at just 5mph. It couldn’t have been speed (which Brake would’ve loved to blame). So it must have been something about the track which then leads to thoughts about maintenance. Could it have been the weight of the empty train which would still have had the heavy diesel locos? They are probably heavier than a normal passenger train but its still a concern that the track failed on a line used by passenger trains.

In some way it’s good that the nuclear train derailed as it potentially stopped a passenger train derailing at a speed greater than 5mph.


Author: SadButMadLad

SadButMadLad is a Lad who is Sad that most of the world makes him Mad.


Richard J Murphy and Kevin Rudd

June 27, 2013

It’s been said that Richard J Murphy and Kevin Rudd are never seen together. I put it down to the fact that Kevin Rudd is in Australia whilst Richard J Murphy is in Norfolk, UK. But to satisfy the conspiracy theorists I provide proof that they have been seen together…           […]

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Speed cameras are a success….

June 8, 2013

So the RAC says that speed cameras are a success. I say not. The RAC are correct, but then they only look at figures from 1990 onwards. This is around the year that cameras were introduced. They do not look at what was happening before that point in time. Speed cameras make hardly any difference […]

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Are cars the new tobacco?

May 21, 2013

This is just so stupid. I can’t add any words to explain the stupidity. So this is a copy and paste from The Journal of Public Health Abstract Background Public health must continually respond to new threats reflecting wider societal changes. Ecological public health recognizes the links between human health and global sustainability. We argue that […]

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Socialism vs Libertarianism

May 18, 2013
Thumbnail image for Socialism vs Libertarianism

Author: SadButMadLad SadButMadLad is a Lad who is Sad that most of the world makes him Mad.

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Ten Rules for Rulers

May 9, 2013

According to the BBC magazine, people in the Scandinavian countries do not tend to boast or brag about their success or achievements. Instead they downplay everything. They do this by following the ten rules of Jante. Whilst the rules have only been around since the 1930s when they were written up in a book and do not […]

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Letter in The Times to Cameron and Osborne from “Martin”

May 7, 2013

I’ve always voted Conservative – but for this?   Dear Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne, I am a natural Conservative voter who has become very disillusioned with my party over the last 3 years. I realise you are both terribly important people and the you really cannot afford the time to actually think about us […]

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Deborah Arnott is a liar

May 7, 2013

Jeff Rogut, a store owner and chief executive  of the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores says: For example, Lady Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of ASH, who obviously doesn’t like tobacco, said: “Australia has proved that introducing standardised packaging is easy to implement and causes no problems for retailers.” I don’t know where she got that, I don’t know who she spoke […]

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Aid to South Africa should continue – says ex DfID person

May 5, 2013

My reply to an article by Richard Darlington in Left Food Forward who writes about the recent news that aid to South Africa is being stopped in 2015. He says.. UK NGOs, led by ActionAid, questioned whether DFID has a new strategy of “running away” from middle income countries as quick as they possibly can. […]

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