50 things to do before you die

January 22, 2013 · 8 comments

I’ll join the crowd and list my accomplishments and wishes against the Daily Mail’s list of 50 things to do before you die. I agree with Richard that its crap though. A couple I know are doing the 50 places before you die and are two off finishing. But then what do you do next? Everyone is different and everyone has different aims, wishes, desires, capabilities and resources. So should people be belittled because they can’t or won’t do the 50 or even just a few. So no list will be able handle everyone.

But having said that, it is a bit of fun. So here goes.

  1. Become a millionaire
    Need to be more like a 10x millionaire to be seriously rich. A million only just gets you a nice large house. Maybe it should be a billionaire.
  2. Travel the world
    Done enough of it in my time. Travelled throughout Europe and Middle East before I was 12. And been to Alaska, Canada, Australia, and Mexico in the last 20 years.
  3. See the Northern Lights
    If it wasn’t for the pesky clouds I could have seen them. Still might get a chance with the sunspots being few in number but very strong.
  4. Trek the Great Wall of China
    Been to China and the Great Wall. Overrated.
  5. Be mortgage free
    3 years off, so not long now.
  6. Go to the Inca Trail
    Closest is Mexico and its temples. Very nice.
  7. See all seven wonders of the world
    Can’t be done.
  8. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids
    Seen them. And the Sphinx.
  9. Invent something that changes lives
    Not so much invent, but create. I have created things that change lives. In fact my current job allows me to create products that change people’s lives.
  10. Visit Antarctica
    Too cold and nothing to really see. Glaciers possibly, but seen them in Alaska.
  11. Go on the Orient Express
    Would be nice. Thought about doing the Marco Polo route. But too old now and like my home comforts.
  12. Go on an African Safari
    Not so interested. Can go to a zoo to see animals. I suppose there is some nice scenery to look at.
  13. See the Taj Mahal
    Its in India. That’s the problem. Has anyone seen World’s Most Dangerous Roads. Nightmare!
  14. Learn to play the piano / guitar / drums
    When I was young I could play a bit, but I’ve not got much interest in music. I like my 80s pop, but that’s about it. But even though I don’t enjoy listening to do it. Rather prefer to be doing something and then I can’t listen to music at the same time.
  15. Stay a night at the world’s best hotel
    Been to some very nice ones. And all paid for by others. And having lived in hotels and B&Bs for weeks at a time, the wish to stay in them has diminished. They’re basically a bed and I like my home comforts.
  16. Build your own house
    Well fully renovated a few. Took one back to a shell including replacing the roof. With everything done by my own hands. Takes time, but when you’re not working time is very cheap.
  17. Drive Route 66 in the US
    The road is nothing to speak of anymore.
  18. Go to Lapland
    Too cold and nothing interesting to look at. Could possibly try snowmobiling. But definately not sking.
  19. Swim with dolphins / sharks
    See dolphins the wild and in aquariums. But swim with them? Nah.
  20. Emigrate
    I’ve moved around too much in my live. Longest I’ve lived in one house is 12 years and that’s my current abode. Have thought about Australia but the more I find out about it, the more I find that it’s even more Nannying that the UK.
  21. Learn to speak another language
    Could speak a Farsi but forgotten most of it. Not used it for 30 years. Could probably pick it back up in a few weeks, but what’s the point. Can speak French enough to get by and order in a restaurant and get building materials.
  22. Own an island
    Thought about it. But just to be able to run around the island naked. Probably too much hassle with maintenance.
  23. Dine at a Michelin star restaurant
    Stars and rating don’t tend to mean much. Its the company that makes for a great meal. I’ve been in some seriously expensive places and never really noticed the difference between them and a nice pub meal with very good service. The only place that has ever stood out for me has been Portmeirion.
  24. Write a novel
    Do enough with blogging to know that writing a novel is not interesting. I prefer to read a novel and my bookshelves are now groaning under the weight of SF (Speculative Fiction) that I have read.
  25. See Gorillas in the wild
    If I want to see them I go to a zoo. In the wild, they’re best left alone. Though there is something to be said about tourism paying to keep the animal’s habitats.
  26. Live and work abroad
    Done enough of that already.
  27. Hot air balloon ride
    Now this a real desire of mine. See next item.
  28. Fly a plane
    I like flying. I’m always getting the window seat whenever possible. Plus I’ve flown a Cessna and even a Robinson R11 helicopter – though only for a few lessons. Have been lucky to get co-pilot seat a number of times in light aircraft and helicopters too.
  29. Travel New Zealand in a Winnebago
    Well I’ve done Australian Youth Hostels and driven around a tiny part of Oz. So a Winnebago to go around Oz doesn’t sound too bad.
  30. Start and run your dream business
    Done it. Not worth the hassle. Prefer to just be told to do work I enjoy doing. Let someone else worry about the money and orders etc.
  31. Ride a Segway
    Must try this.
  32. Go to Disneyworld
    Been to Universal Studios in Florida. Just as nice I would say. Our villa was just next door to Disney, but we still went to Universal.
  33. Gamble in Las Vegas
    Not much into gambling. Most I do is the lottery – most weeks but not religiously.
  34. Act as an extra in a Hollywood film
    Appeared in a tech documentary for a Discovery Channel programme. Not quite Hollywood though!
  35. Dedicate time to volunteering
    Done it.
  36. Try out an F1 car
    Must try this. Done carting in my time and really enjoyed it. Probably get it as some experience present like my helicopter lesson and try at falconry.
  37. Learn to fly a plane or helicopter
    See 28. Started it, but not finished. Bloody expensive!
  38. Have a family
    Have the wife, but not the kids. But rest of our families have the kids and have watched them grow up. So best of both worlds. None of the bad stuff, and can be a great uncle/aunt and spoil them rotten. Only surprise is that we only have nieces, no nephews.
  39. Be an extra in a movie
    See 34.
  40. Climb a mountain like Everest
    Prefer to stand at the bottom and admire the scenery.
  41. Buy a yacht
    Like owning an island, nice to think of, but expensive to maintain.
  42. Meet your idol / favourite celebrity
    Not into celebrities and every time I’ve seen one I’ve not recognised them. Been in a lift with Les Dawson, handed tickets to Richard O’Brian, passed Myleene Klass in Tescos – didn’t recognise them till someone mentioned afterwards. Have met Patrick Moore and I suppose he is the closest thing to an idol for me.
  43. Run a marathon
    Prefer to walk. What’s the rush.
  44. Watch a World Cup final
    Prefer to watch paint dry. Did you know it’s very interesting trying to guess which part of the wall dries next.
  45. Meet the Queen
    My mum has, a number of times.
  46. Learn to surf
    Involves swimming, so no.
  47. Go to Harry Potter World in Florida
    Yep, been there. See 32. Enjoyed it.
  48. Abseil down a mountain
    See 40. So no.
  49. Do an army assault course
    Too much like hard work.
  50. Deep sea dive
    Involves swimming, so no. Done snorkeling though. Maybe if it was in a submarine.


So about 20ish out of 50 depending on how close to the description you want to get. Not bad going then.


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