Enjoying life

December 24, 2012 · 0 comments

A simple point to highlight why nannying fussbuckets are wrong in their attempts at stopping us from enjoying life.

Jeanne Calment, at the ripe age of 116 and the oldest woman in the world, complained that her doctor wouldn’t let her have her port any more. Why would her doctor, a member of the group of “I know better” who can’t stop telling us plebs how to live our lifes, say this? Could it be that he was worried that she wouldn’t make it to 117? Or could it be that his instinct to nanny took over and wiped out all common sense.

When someone has lived to over 100 then they have lived a long and prosperous and obviously a healthy life. So to carry on in the same manner that got them to 100 should be encouraged. There can not be any reason for the argument that if they did “bad” things such as drink port, have a couple of cigarettes a day, eat chocolate, and use lots of oil that they would die prematurely.


Author: SadButMadLad

SadButMadLad is a Lad who is Sad that most of the world makes him Mad.

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