March 14, 2013 · 2 comments

University College London has had to ban the extremist Islamic group iERA for attempting to segregate men and women during a debate they had organised in one the college’s rooms.

I suspect that University College London had no problems with iERA holding the meeting on their premises. They probably didn’t care that iERA are a hard-line Islamic organisation and would do things under the guise of religious rights. But the moment the light of publicity was shone on their laissez faire attitude they suddenly realised that they had to get their act into gear.

So they now say that they have a policy of not allowing segregation. I doubt that they would have had the brains to work out that they would need such a policy before hand.

iERA’s actions might be appropriate in a Islamic country like Iran, or in a mosque here in the UK, but anywhere else in the UK is just not valid. And neither is it racist or islam-a-phobic to ban them from segregating men and women. Here in the UK we allow men and women to mix. It’s the law.


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