Richard Murphy’s magic money tree

April 3, 2013

Richard J Murphy (@RichardJMurphy) has attempted to use the left’s Magic Money Tree against the right – and fails as he gives his opinion about the latest government changes as reported in the Guardian. He says.. First, in an economy where there are 2.5 million unemployed and many, many more under-employed because of a lack […]

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A reply to one of Eoin Clarke’s posts

December 30, 2012

In this post about why he is a deficit denier Eoin Clarke does his usual garish graphs which do their best to hide real data. At the end of it he says this. In raw £billions, our economy has grown almost without pause since time began. Recessions come and go it is true but the sustained […]

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nef & VAT & banks

December 20, 2012

Via Christie Malry’s blog I was directed to an old (2011) nef (all lowercase) report. One of the points that nef said was an unfair advantage that banks enjoyed was about VAT. This is not all, banks benefit from further special treatment: No VAT. Banks and other financial services enjoy exemption from VAT which likely […]

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