Nuclear train derailed!

September 16, 2013 · 2 comments

Movie poster for "Atomic Train"OMG, a train carrying nuclear flasks has derailed near Barrow-In-Furness!

Calm down Calm down. The train was only going 5mph. And the flasks were empty. And no one was injured. And no nuclear material was exposed to the hazardous public.

This hasn’t stopped the local MP, John Woodcock, from going ballistic in outrage (the bus is over there by the way John). He says

Whether full or empty, high level waste flasks are designed to withstand incredibly high levels of force but it is obviously completely unacceptable that this derailment has occurred.

I am concerned for all those involved but also angry on behalf of my constituents who have taken a very measured approach to nuclear waste material being transported through Furness.

They need to know that safety remains paramount: a thorough and transparent investigation must begin immediately to establish the cause of this accident and prevent a re-occurrence.

This fixation on the word “nuclear” about this train incident stops the proper analysis of the accident. What caused the train to derail at just 5mph. It couldn’t have been speed (which Brake would’ve loved to blame). So it must have been something about the track which then leads to thoughts about maintenance. Could it have been the weight of the empty train which would still have had the heavy diesel locos? They are probably heavier than a normal passenger train but its still a concern that the track failed on a line used by passenger trains.

In some way it’s good that the nuclear train derailed as it potentially stopped a passenger train derailing at a speed greater than 5mph.


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