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April 8, 2013 · 4 comments

Muslim MadrasaPrompted by an article at Subrosa’s I’ve written down my thoughts about religious schools. Subrosa’s article was about Muslims wanting to setup their own schools, just like Catholics have. But the Muslim schools always seem to fail OFSTED inspections. Something usually to do with not mixing with the rest of society. Unlike Catholic and other religious schools that tend to be multi-denominational. Like Subrosa, I would be very surprised if Muslim schools accepted any child of any other religion or no religion.

Religion is not something that should appear in any school in any form. Not even RE. All it does is enforce separation from the rest of society.

If there should be any religious schooling it should only be done outside of state sanctioned schools. By that I mean that schools that educate according to the national curriculum are state sanctioned or controlled. But that doesn’t mean that religious schools can’t exist. Just that they can only teach the religion, nothing else. They are therefore an optional extra that parents can send their children too outside of school hours.

If muslims are so worried that their children are being encouraged into “unsocial behaviour” (according to their own rules, not society’s) by mixing with the rest of society then they either need to enforce their family rules on their children more forcibly or just accept that they are living in a society where religion is not a major factor. That is something that should have been thought of when deciding to live in this country and stay here.

The same as when British people live in Saudi Arabia and then complain about not being able to drink, that women can’t drive, etc. It’s their rules, live by them, you voluntarily went there.

If the progressive left are so keen on multiculturalism why are they so keen on stopping Christian religions but hardly ever about Muslims religions. If they want equality, they must practise it too. That means all religions should be treated the same. Muslims tend to be more isolationist than Christians, something that goes against mixing of nationalities and races and religions and ethnicities. In fact the only success in Muslim integration is that of The Curry, and that has nothing to do with the progressive left’s meddling with society.


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