Root Of All Evil’s license scheme

November 16, 2012 · 4 comments

The person known as the Root Of All Evil, working under the nom-de-plume of Simon Chapman want’s a license scheme for smokers.

It won’t work. Unless every single country in the world imposes it, it’ll be easy for people to cross borders to avoid it. All it will do is increase smuggling rates.

And this kind of attitude just demonises a group of people. There were other groups of people who were hated in the past. Gays were one once. Now that it’s illegal to hate them, some other group is being picked on. This time it is smokers. But it’ll be drinkers next. And after that fatties.

Just let people live their lives as they wish. If they die early then so be it. It’s not the job of public health nannying fussbuckets to tell us how to live our lives. It’s their job to make sure that we don’t infect each other, not to stop us enjoying our lives.


Author: SadButMadLad

SadButMadLad is a Lad who is Sad that most of the world makes him Mad.

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