Intelligence level of Global Warming Scientists

August 13, 2012

Ok, this post is a bit of a troll, and both sides of the Global Warming scam are guilty of twisting stories to suit their own agenda, but I thought I would have a little laugh at Bill McKibben‘s expense. Bill was sent a tweet recently about Unit 2 of Millstone Power Station in Connecticut, […]

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The ultimate base jump

July 31, 2012
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Two totally separate activities. One is space flight. The other is base jumping. What would you think about joining them together? Forget about base jumps lasting a few seconds before having to pull the rip cord for the parachute. What you really want is a base jump lasting 8 minutes or longer. Where on earth […]

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Samsonite Cancer

June 21, 2012
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Nope, not a new cancer named after a scientist called Samsonite. This is where you could get cancer from Samsonite suitcases. If you ate the handles. And if you ate over 100 of them. And then you might get cancer, though you would be more likely to win the lottery. According to Hong Kong’s  Consumer Council […]

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